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Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are a set of buttons that appear on a home page below the sliding banner images. The purpose of the call-to-action buttons is to attract attention to a particular topic. 

You can have up to 4 call-to-action buttons on the home page. The width of the buttons will always be evenly distributed across the page.

For example:

4 call-to-action buttons:

Example of 4 call-to-action buttons

3 call-to-action buttons:

Example of 3 call-to-action buttons

How to

Add a pre-defined call-to-action button block

Pre-defined (templated) call-to-action button blocks must be requested and created by the Communications and Marketing department. Submit a Project Initiation form to request pre-defined button blocks. 

  1. On the home index page, select the Edit tab.
  2. Expand the Call-to-action buttons section.Expanding the call to action buttons section screenshot
  3. Click Search and browse to and select the appropriate button block (provided by Communications and Marketing). 
  4. To add another button, click the green plus icon next to the Call-to-action button label. Another search field will appear. Continue selecting and adding buttons as required (up to 4). Adding call to action buttons screenshot

  5. You can reorder buttons by clicking on the navy upwards/downwards arrows for each button. Delete a button by clicking on the red minus icon.Re-order buttons screen shot

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