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Search engine options and optimization

  • Keywords

    Keywords - (An inline metadata field) A comma-separated list of keywords that are on the page that is used by search engines. Search engines will look for and index the keywords on every page to provide users with relevant search results.

    Screenshot: keywords metadata field

  • Description

    Description - (An inline metadata field) A short summary or description of the content on the page (usually one sentence long). In search engine results, this is the page description that appears below the search result/page name.

    Screenshot: description metadata field

  • Hide a page from search engines

    Hide this page from search engines? - (An inline metadata field) If a page is excluded from navigation menus, choose whether the page should also be excluded from search engine results. If the URL of the page is known, the unlisted page can still be accessed, but a search query in a search engine will not list the page.