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Page visibility and access

  • Show/hide a page in the navigation menu

    Show this page/folder in navigation menus? - (An inline metadata field) Choose whether to have a page or folder appear in the navigation menus. You can publish a page to the live website, but exclude it/unlist it from the navigation menu. If the URL of the page is known, the unlisted page can still be accessed.

    Screenshot: show in navigation menu metadata option

  • Password protect pages

    You can restrict access to a page by password-protecting it (using Banner ID credentials).

    Password protect this page? - (An additional metadata field) Choose whether to password-protect a page. Banner ID credentials are used to password-protect a page. You can restrict access based on Active Directory user groups. For example, you can grant access only to UOIT faculty and staff.

    If you would like to enable a login to access the page content, please send a request to