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Preview a page before submitting it

You can preview a full page before submitting it to the workflow to ensure that everything is formatted correctly.

How to preview a page:

  1. Save a draft of your page.
    When creating or editing a page, drafts are automatically saved every 20 seconds. However, if you will be navigating away from the page, you can manually save your draft by selecting the Save Draft button at the bottom of the page editor.Save draft button screenshot
  2. From the secondary navigation bar, select ViewSelect view screenshot
  3. In the page preview screen, ensure you are viewing your draft with your new edits and not the current, unedited version. Ensure you are viewing your draft screenshot
  4. To continue editing your draft or to submit it, select the Edit tab (if editing an existing page) or Create tab (if creating a new page).
  5. When you are ready to submit the page to the workflow, select the Send to Workflow button at the bottom of the page editor. Send to Workflow button screenshot