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Inline or embedded images

Inline or embedded images are images that appear in the content area of the page.

How to embed an inline image:

  1. Upload your image(s) to the Shared Assets website in the CMS.
  2. On your website, edit the page or create a new page on which you want the image. 
  3. Select the appropriate Content type and add your text.
  4. Place your cursor where you want your image to appear and select the Insert/Edit Image icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar (or right click and select Insert/Edit Image).Embed Image Screenshot

  5. Select Internal and in the Image field, browse to the image location in the Shared Assets site and select it. 
    Select Internal and Image fields

  6. Enter a short description of the image in the Alternate Text field. 
    Alternative Text

  7. You can adjust the width and height of the image (ensure that the chain link icon is connected to maintain the image aspect ratio). 
    Adjust image size screenshot

How to float an inline image (wrap text around the image):

  1. Select the embedded image in the editor. 
  2. From the Styles dropdown in the WYSIWYG toolbar, select float_left if you want the image on the left and the text to wrap around it on the right, or select float_right if you want the image on the right and the text to wrap around it on the left. Float Inline Image Screenshot