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Copying and pasting text from other sources

You can copy and paste text from other sources such as Microsoft Word. However, doing this often adds some code to the page that is not visible in the WYSIWYG editor which can negatively affect the layout or formatting of the final page. All formatting should therefore be removed when copying and pasting text into the WYSIWYG editor.

How to properly copy and paste and format text from other sources:

  1. Select all of the text you wish to copy (highlight the text and hit CTRL+C (Windows)/CMD+C (Apple) on your keyboard).
  2. Place your cursor in the WYSIWYG editor where you want the content to appear. Hit CTRL+V (Windows)/CMD+V (Apple) on your keyboard to paste in the text.
  3. Highlight the text that you just copied and select the Remove formatting icon to remove any extra code and formatting that may have been added.
    Screenshot of how to remove formatting
  4. Be sure to check any headings to ensure that the level is correct (always start at a level 2 heading and ensure that headings appear in the correct order). You may need to re-bold text. Check any links and change them to internal links if the page is in the UOIT CMS.