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Standard and multi-row/column content

Standard and multi-row/column content is regular content, such as paragraphs, lists, tables, inline or embedded images, and inline videos. 

  • Standard content and Standard content (bottom)

    Standard content example

    In the CMS, there are two Standard content options – Standard content and Standard content (bottom). Functionally, they are the same – the difference is where they appear on the page. You can have multiple content types on a single page, but they will appear in the order that is listed in the page editor Content type selection list. Selection List Screenshot

    For example, if you selected Standard content, Accordion content, and Embed form, the order on the page will be standard content, accordion content, followed by the embedded form. Screenshot Three different section in order

  • Multi-column standard content

    Multi-column standard content example

    You can create multiple standard content sections to create columns of content across the page. You can have a maximum of 12 columns. The columns will be evenly spaced across to fill the page.

    For example, if you have 2 columns of content (2 standard content sections), each column will be 50% of the width of the page content area. Appropriate spacing in between the columns will automatically be calculated and included.  Screenshot of two columns in standard content

    How to create additional columns:

    1. Create a new page or edit an existing page.
    2. In the Content type section of the page editor, select the Standard content or Standard content (bottom) content type options. A WYSIWYG editor box will appear.
    3. Enter your text for the first column in the WYSIWYG editor box.
    4. Click the green plus icon to create another WYSIWYG editor box and add your text for the second column.add column screenshot

    5. Continue to add WYSIWYG editor boxes for each additional column (maximum of 12). 
    6. If you want to re-order the columns, click the navy upwards arrow to move the WYSIWYG editor box up.reorder column screenshot

    7. If you want to delete a column, click the red minus icon.delete column screenshot

  • Multi-row content