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Import content from another page

Imported page example

Import another page - Content type that allows you to have the same page in multiple menu subsections, even on different sites, but you only need to manage the content of the page in a single location (the 'original' page)

This content type is similar to reference links (see Links section), but this method takes the content from the original page and inserts it into the current page (the “copied” page). Changes to the original page will automatically carry over to the copied page. 

How to import content from another page:

  1. Create your "original" page. 
  2. Create a new page or edit an existing page in the menu subsection where you want the "copied" page to appear. 
  3. In the Content type section of the page editor, select the Import another page option. The import page selector will appear. Import page screen shot

  4. In the Page to import field, browse to and select the original page. Any content on that page will be appended to this current page.