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Uploading documents

How to upload documents to the CMS

  1. On the Shared Assets website, browse to and select your faculty/department/site folder.
  2. From the main navigation bar, select New then select File.
    Select New, File Screenshot

  3. Enter the TitleKeywords, and Description of the document. The [cm_cms_systemName_tip] (what appears in the URL of the file) will be taken from the Title field. Ensure that you do not have any special characters, including periods, in the Title field.
  4. Select the Browse/Choose file button and browse on your computer to the document you want to upload. Alternatively, you can navigate to the file on your computer and drag and drop the file into the file upload section.
  5. Submit the document.
  6. Files uploaded to the Shared Assets site are not in a workflow, so you must publish your own files upon uploading them to the CMS. If not already selected, select the file in the CMS sidebar and select Publish in the secondary navigation tabs. Then click the Publish button.
    Publish asset button screenshot

  7. To check if your document has been uploaded and successfully published to the site, copy the file path of the document.
    In a new browser tab, type “” in the browser address bar (do not hit Enter yet) and paste in the file path that you copied. Now hit enter. If the document appears in the browser (PDF) or downloads to your computer (Microsoft Office document), the file was successfully published. Otherwise, go back to the file in the CMS and publish it. 
    Check to see if document has uploaded correctly screenshot
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